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We build, therefore we are.


Cloud | Data | Things

Software Consulting

Quality focused Software Consulting Experts.

We can design, build, and scale your Internet Applications, for the modern era.

Areas of Focus

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Computing & Distributed Computing
  • Data Analysis & Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

About Us

Who | What | How | Why

Who we are

Driven and brave individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a purpose.

We have come together to solve real world problems using modern computing technologies, while making a living doing what we love.

What we do

Software Consulting Services to Startups & Businesses.

We have helped many fast growth startups optimize & scale their Cloud Platforms, at speed without impeding quality.

We also offer products focused on IoT, Cloud Apps, DevOps, and DataOps.

How we do

  • Relate to humans.
  • Be agile & nimble.
  • Apply design thinking.
  • Pursue quality deliberately.
  • Apply automation to simplify.
  • Enable distributed collaboration.


Our slogan “We build, therefore we are” is based on the philosophical proposition
I think, therefore I am (Cogito, ergo sum).

It reflects our belief that -
“the cognitive process behind building things and solving problems, defines us”.

Our Products

Cocoon | Loom | Tapestry | Moth

Alvyl Cocoon

Alvyl Cocoon is an Internet of Things (IoT) product.

Cocoon enables acquisition of real-time data from industrial machines at scale, using our IoT edge hardware.

It is optimized for cost, and is based on Serverless model of Cloud Computing.

Alvyl Loom

Alvyl Loom is a platform for Data Analytics.

Loom offers capabilities that meet the storage, analysis & retrieval needs of modern high volume data environments at scale, using Open Source technology stacks.

It can integrate and ingest data from Alvyl Cocoon for analysing IoT data.

Alvyl Tapestry

Alvyl Tapestry is a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool.

Tapestry offers a rich set of data visualization capabilities, with an easy-to-use web interface, in the form of dashboards and charts.

Integrates with Alvyl Loom for scalable data processing capabilities.

Alvyl Moth

Alvyl Moth automates life-cycle management cloud environments.

Alvyl Moth is a tool for automated, atomic & repeatable cloud environments, and thus enables reliable & rapid value delivery.

Status: Incubating

Our Services

Build | Automate | Monitor | Optimize | Scale


Core at heart we are builders.

We practice craft of making software. We use computing technologies to solve problems for humans.

Some of the platforms we use to build for are:

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform


Use automation to simplify life.

We are strong advocates of DevOps culture.
We practice Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Distributed collaboration.

We believe that these practices result in fast, scalable and focused value delivery to stakeholders, while ensuring high quality systems.


Continuous monitoring is key to progressive software development.

Our monitoring solutions have solved product performance challenges at many startups, and helped them succeed.


Our approach towards optimization is very scientific.

We use the following methods & tools:

  • Application Profiling & Instrumentation
  • System Metrics Analysis & Visualization
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Operating System & Virtual Machine Tuning
  • App Server & Database Tuning
  • Network & Protocol Tuning
  • Code Refactoring to Best Practices and Patterns


Scaling is hard, and we are good at it.

We are experts at scaling apps and services to meet the demands of the modern era.

We have proven experience both horizontal and vertical scaling, across dozens of databases, containers and nodes. We rely on many open source technologies and cloud providers to make this possible.

Our Team

Size of 8, lead by Hari Krishna Ganji.


Hari Krishna Ganji

Hari Krishna Ganji

Founder, Chief Consultant

Software Engineer, a geek, and the mind behind Alvyl Consulting.

Hari has 12+ Years of experience building high quality software, and 6+ years of academic background in Computer Science. Expert in designing & implementing Cloud Native Applications & Distributed Systems. He has lead many engineering teams towards success.

Roles: Engineer, Architect, Lead, Mentor and Customer Success


Goutham Atreya

Goutham Atreya

Senior Consultant

Believes in automating what can be, and utilize the time to make the world a better place.

Roles: Engineer, Lead and Customer Success

Technologies: Java, Python, Airflow, Tableau, AWS Lambda, DevOps, Prometheus, Grafana, Docker


Venkat Yerragudi

Venkat Yerragudi

Data Science Consultant

Loves making things smart and building the platforms that enable them.

Roles: Data Science Engineer, Architect and Mentor

Technologies: Python, C, Java, R, SQL, JavaScript, Tableau, Data Analytics Platforms, IoT, Defensive Cyber Security solutions


Poly Dey

Poly Dey


Data Engineer with a very strong work ethic.

Roles: Data Engineer, REST API Designer, IoT Solution Designer

Technologies: Aws IoT Green Grass Core, Python, Java, NodeJS, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Serverless Framework, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Cognito, AWS SQS


Darshan A M

Darshan A M


DevOps enthusiast with a background in Automation Testing.

Roles: DevOps Engineer, Quality Analyst

Technologies: Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, Azure, Prometheus, Grafana, AWS IoT


Milind Mantri

Milind Mantri


Full Stack Developer, UI geek and an engineer at heart. Milind has experience of working at a startup for about a year and freelancing. He’s delved into hybrid mobile application development as well.

Roles: UI Engineer, Backend Developer

Technologies: C, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, NodeJS, PHP, Flutter, Dart, SQL

Our Clients

Dubai | Germany | India | Indonesia | United States

Kargo Technologies

Kargo Technologies

Kargo Technologies

Jakarta, Indonesia



Reunify LLC

Los Angeles, United States



Reverie Language Technologies

Bangalore, India



Britive Inc

Bangalore, India



TagBox Solutions

Bangalore, India



NetControl GmbH

Breisach a.Rh., Germany




Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Alpharetta, United States

Our Work

Mobile | Web | Enterprise | Cloud | IoT

Reunify - Helpify

Helpify is a platform that allows customers of a business to request for help/assistance, for a specific product or service of that business.

It enables resolution of help requests in a time sensitive manner, mostly in a few minutes, with the help of 2 mobile apps. One customer facing app and another business facing app.

Helpify platform offers valuable insights into the business.

Technologies/Tools: Android SDK, Google Maps API for Android, Java, Spring MVC, MongoDB, Tomcat Application Server, Amazon’s EC2, Amazon SES, Amazon SNS, Maven, Jenkins CI.

Reunify - Beat

Beat is a web application designed to receive feedback from customers of a business in the form of customizable Surveys, that run on Kiosks. The feedback is processed for insights and reports.

Beat is currently running in production receiving feedback from multiple kiosks(1500+) from approximately 200 business locations.

Technologies/Tools: Java, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, PostgreSQL, Tomcat Application Server, Amazon AWS, HTML5, Angular JS, JQuery, Maven, Jenkins CI.

Reunify - Trace

Trace is a web app that brings actionable real-time insights about stores and their customers, and gives them the right tool to focus on customer experience.

It is an AI-Powered solution to increase Retention and Personal Training Up-Sell and Marketing in the Health and Fitness industry. Trace processes 10M+ Member Check-ins, 50K+ Member Interaction Logs a month across 200+ business locations.

Technologies/Tools: Java, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, PostgreSQL, Tomcat Application Server, Amazon AWS, HTML5, Angular JS, JQuery, Maven, Jenkins CI.

Reunify - Business Intelligence Dashboard

We built Business Intelligence Dashboards showing various Data Visualizations for the consumption of CXO’s.

The initial dashboard was on Tableau. Its currently being migrated to Alvyl Loom platform offering, because of it economic viability.

Technologies/Tools: Tableau, Alvyl Loom

Reunify - DevOps Monitoring

We implemented realtime monitoring of Reunify’s Trace production app.

Implementation started with New Relic, and we later migrated to Open Source monitoring stacks with Stage Monitor based on ElasticSearch, and finally to Prometheus.

Technologies/Tools: New Relic, Stage Monitor - Kibana, Prometheus - Grafana

Reunify - Data Pipeline

Automation of Data Analysis workflows at Reunify, comprising of many manual steps spanning across Acquisition, Cleansing, Preparation, Processing, Training Machine Learning Models, and Deployment of Member Risk Scoring services at Reunify.

Technologies/Tools: Apache Airflow, Kubernetes, Docker, Bash Scripting, Python Scripting, AWS EC2 and AWS S3.

Reverie - DevOps Monitoring & Automation

We have implemented Monitoring across Machine, Servers, Databases, followed by Tuning, Scaling and Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure.

Efforts also included solutions for implementing Automation of DataStores Backup & Recovery.

Technologies/Tools: Terraform, Azure, Docker, Airflow and Bash

TagBox - DevOps Monitoring & Optimization

We helped scale Tagbox’s Big-Data Analytics platform infrastructure to be able to support

  • 50,000 edge node sensors collecting 1 telemetry data point every 1 minute
  • Collected and relay telemetry to the backend via 500 gateway devices in burst mode.
  • Consume raw & processed telemetry data by 1000+ users at any given instant of time.

Technologies/Tools: Terraform, Azure, Azure IOT Hub, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Locust & Vegeta.

Niranta - CouchRecruit

Couchrecruit is a SaaS platform that aims at being a marketplace and an ecosystem that engenders collaboration of many stakeholders across the hiring workflow, spanning participation from Companies, Recruiter, Recruiting Agencies, Candidates and Vendors.

The platform also aims to empower recruiters by allowing them to choose and work on job openings directly and earn a significant portion of the finders fee.

Technologies/Tools: Java, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, PostgreSQL, Tomcat Application Server, Amazon AWS, HTML5, Angular JS, JQuery, Maven, Jenkins CI, Google Material Design, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Docker, Bitbucket Pipelines.

Vocera - Rally to JIRA Migration

We implemented the migration of historical project management data from Rally to JIRA.

This project was particularly challenging because the project organization, workflow, data types and schemas between the 2 systems were very distinct. Adding to the challenge was the sheer volume of data that had to be migrated and the customizations tailored per project team.

We have successfully migrated around 34 projects containing a total of 108,000 artifacts including attachments, without disrupting the project teams ability to perform their daily jobs.

Technologies/Tools: Ruby, NodeJS, CSVKit, Ubuntu, Rally, JIRA, Bash Scripting, Handwritten ETL migrations scripts, Various stream based NodeJs libraries.

NetControl - Web Tools

We migrated Data from self hosted(on-premise) Databases to Cloud based Database providers.

The job involved traversing complex schema and the associated data comprising of approximately 140 tables and with 5 levels of table dependencies.

We also implemented a web based drag-and-drop Document Builder as a compliance engine tool to augment day-to-day document archival activities.

Technologies/Tools: Microsoft SSIS Toolbox, Jquery Form Builder, JSTree

CbCrunch - Roadmap Visualization

A Roadmap Visualization tool, similar to that of Roadmunk.

This is a tool especially designed for project management in an organisation. One can set the goal, create timeline and set milestone for any given project.

The User Interface involves real timelines and other data visualizations, built using Data Driven Documents.

Technologies/Tools: Angular CLI, Angular JS, Material Design, D3.js

Spoorthi Technologies - Silkworm

Silkworm is an IoT project, built on top of Alvyl Coocon platform, for the acquisition of operational & performance data from Industrial Screen Printing machines.

The platform helps with integration and acquisition of real-time data from the Industrial printing Machines & Sensors at Scale.

It is optimized for lowering the cost of ownership, and is based on Serverless model of Cloud Computing.

Technologies/Tools: Aws IoT Green Grass Core, Python, Java, NodeJS, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Serverless Framework, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Cognito, AWS SQS, AngularCLI

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